Request for Quote Form

Request For Quote Form

To request a quote, please download the RFQ form in your preferred format.

You may e-mail it to our office at


Quote Request Tips

Tips for Requesting a Quote

  1. Enter the required cable bus ratings to the best available information.
  2. For the voltage ratings, enter 0.6kV, 0.48kV, or 0.208kV for low voltage systems at 600V, 480V, and 208V respectively.
  3. For current ratings, enter the rating as shown on the single-line diagrams, secondary ratings of the connected transformers, or the ratings of the connected circuit breakers. Use safety factors as desired.
  4. Please indicate whether there are wall penetrations and whether they require fire rating.
  5. Please indicate type of equipment being connected to the cable bus runs if possible. Use the “Additional Information Field” to indicate transformer, switchgear, MCC, or other equipment as appropriate.
  6. For requests with multiple bus runs, please indicate in the “Additional Information” field.
  7. “Project Location” can be entered as State/Province, or city name as appropriate. Please note that different countries have different governing electrical equipment authorities and Advanced Cable Bus would like to ensure that the quote will be for cable bus systems that work for your location.
  8. If you are unsure about the system type, please enter 3 Phase/3 Wire as the default. Grounding per NEC 250 is assumed unless noted otherwise.
  9. If any of the following documents are available, please send them to us via e-mail:
    Technical Specifications
    Drawings Showing Cable Bus Routes
    Drawings Showing Equipment to be Connected to Cable Bus
    Single-Line Diagrams
    Commercial Terms & Conditions
    Site Condition Specifications

    With specifications and drawings, we can do the work of analyzing the documents and take-off the bill of materials and save time for our clients.